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Online Frequently Asked Questions


    Payment by credit card
    We accept payment by most major credit cards issued by Visa and MasterCard.

    Payment by debit/cheque card
    You can pay using a cheque or debit card issued by Visa or MasterCard.

    Instant EFT
    You can pay using EFT secure, one of South Africa’s most trusted online payments since 2007. EFT secure is supported by FNB, Nedbank, Standard Bank, Capitec and ABSA.

    For more information on what is required to process a payment, proceed to checkout, select your desired option and follow the instructions.

    EFT Secure (Electronic Fund Transfer) has been one of South Africa’s most trusted online payment methods since 2007. EFT secure allows you to make hassle-free online payments by linking directly to your Internet Banking, pre-populating the payment details and directing you right back, where you will then get your payment confirmation.

    With EFT Secure, there’s no shopper registration and there is 100% protection. You can complete an EFT secure payment in 5 simple steps:

    • Select the instant EFT payment option at checkout.
    • Select your bank.
    • Login to your existing, secure Internet banking.
    • Select the bank account you wish to pay from (If you have more than one account linked to your internet banking profile)
    • Enter the OTP received from your bank or respond to a push message received from your bank to complete the payment.

    Diesel subscribes to the highest security and encryption standards, allowing our customers to shop with absolute peace of mind!

    Card payments - Through the use of 3D Secure / Payer Authentication, online card payments are now authenticated and verified, allowing for protection against any unauthorized use should your card be lost or stolen.

    Instant EFT - There are several security measures in place to protect you and your money throughout the payment process. Call Pay Instant EFT doesn’t store your personal data such as your banking login details, therefore ensuring that sensitive financial information is kept secure. Call Pay Instant EFT links with your bank’s online system and requires you to authorise your transactions with a One Time Pin (OTP) that will get sent to you via a push message on your phone or within your banking app.

    3D Secure or Payer Authentication (MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa) provides an additional layer of security and protects you, the cardholder, when making an online purchase using a debit or credit card. Your bank identifies you using a previously selected One-Time Pin or password and therefore knows that it is you shopping online. In doing so, no fraudulent transactions can be made if your card has been lost or stolen - giving you more control of your shopping experience.

    You can shop in total confidence knowing that your credit card details are safe and secure.

    The following banks have pre-enrolled all Visa and MasterCard credit cards of which most is automatically activated:
    All you need to do is follow the instructions below to check / activate your card now at no extra cost!

    • Absa: check / activate your card
    • Nedbank: check / activate your card
    • Standard Bank: check / activate your card
      Log on to your FNB Online Banking profile and follow these prompts:
    • Select the "My Bank Accounts" tab
    • Select the "My Cards" sub tab
    • Click on "Activate Now" in the "Verified by Visa" column for the card that you would like to activate
    • Capture the relevant details
    • You will be sent an OTP to your mobile phone which you will then need to enter on your online banking profile
    • Once done, your card will be activated for 3D Secure/Payer Authentication online banking.

    Certain credit card issuers, such as American Express, do not subscribe to 3D Secure / Payer Authentication yet. These cardholders will not be required to enter a One-Time Pin or Password when shopping online.

    If your bank is not listed, please contact your bank to find out how you can enroll for 3D Secure or Payer Authentication on your credit card.