In 1978 Renzo Rosso started Diesel with the intention of creating the world’s most innovated denim. Amidst a worldwide oil crisis, during which diesel was considered to be an alternative fuel, Renzo liked the idea of his brand to be known as an alternative jeans brand, in contrast to the prevalent casual wear giants that had come before. Renzo intended to reach the entire world since the brand’s very inception, making the word “diesel” an international term pronounced equally all over the world, the perfect name for his endeavor. Since its start, Diesel has used “For Successful Living” as a slogan for the brand’s DNA. Through a long and storied history of strong, ironic and playful campaigns, Diesel has become a leader in advertising as well as in fashion. Where the world zigged, Diesel zagged, and in the 35 years since its founding, the brand still embraces the same ethos. Diesel has over 5,000 points of sale worldwide with over 400 monobrand stores. Between 1978 and 2012, the company has produced more than 2,000 different washes of denim.


OTB is an international fashion group, powering a range of global, unconventional brands, including Diesel, Maison Margiela, Marni, Viktor&Rolf, and Jil Sander. The group also controls and manages the Staff International and Brave Kid companies and holds a minority investment in L.A. brand Amiri. OTB embodies the brave, innovative and unapologetic spirit and vision of its founder and president Renzo Rosso, who disrupted the world of fashion with an open-minded, highly creative mentality, aimed at “building not the biggest, but the most alternative fashion group,” as he stated. As its name suggests, - OTB stands for “Only The Brave” - the group pushes boundaries and challenges established rules to re-define the world of fashion and lifestyle, by fostering the creativity of international talents. Through its know-how and state-of-the-art facilities, the group supports the brands in its portfolio in the development of authentic, individual concepts and sustainable, successful businesses.

Embracing consumer-centric digital innovation and advanced technologies, OTB transforms ideas into distinctive and responsible creations targeting unconventional, forward-thinking individuals.


Diesel’s philosophy has remained unwavering since its inception: passion, self-expression, and a determination to change the game. Now we commit to taking on a bold new challenge, confronting the social, economic, and environmental impacts of the fashion industry at large, a challenge Diesel is ready to face - head on. This is why we launched our strategy, Diesel For Responsible Living which outlines our commitment to taking action for the benefit of current and future generations, ensuring Diesel’s continuing success in a changing world, based on four pillars:

  • Be the Alternative
  • Stand for the Planet
  • Celebrate Individuality &
  • Promote Integrity

Our commitment to alternative material and production processes goes hand in hand with our belief that our denim should be made to last. The Diesel Library collection offers evergreen denim essentials designed to transcend trends and be worn season after season. Every style in the Library is designed through a 360 sustainability lens, focusing on all the core components that make our denim so distinctive.