Discover the sounds of Soweto, South Africa with Teno Afrika, who embraces the coexistence of African sounds found in his sets through his experiments of merging techno and electro with deep house, soul, and jazz to create harmonies, percussions and basslines described only as the D.I.Y. essence of Amapiano.
Being very intentional about not only producing music that sings both locally and internationally but also honours the traditional mediums of DJing, Teno Afrika challenges himself to mix and DJ using vinyl, which resulted in his debut album ‘Amapiano Selections’ being released on both CD and vinyl in 2021 – curating one of the genre’s first physical album releases.
“We need to understand that vinyl is the best quality sound can be and Amapiano is the best genre there is – it only makes sense for me as a DJ to master this technique.” – Teno Afrika. And now, with his second album released in 2022, Teno Afrika is ready to take the homegrown energy ye’kasi to the world.